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Salvia Divinorium

Salvia Divinorium

Saliva isn't a "party drug" and it's a legal high that even big fans use occasionally rather than regularly...basically Salvia is too mind-blowing to take every night! Find out more below.

Salvia divinorum, also known as Diviner’s Sage is a psychoactive herb of the sage family. Salvia has a long and continuing tradition of religious use as an entheogens, used in religious or spiritual ceremonies that use it to facilitate visionary states of consciousness during spiritual healing sessions.

Salvia can be chewed, smoked, or taken as a tincture to produce experiences ranging from laughter to much more intense and profoundly altered states. The duration of effects is much shorter than that of other, more well-known psychoactive compounds; the effects of smoked Salvia typically last for only a few minutes. Salvia has become both increasingly well-known and available in modern culture. The rise of the Internet since the 1990s has allowed for the growth of many businesses selling live salvia plants, dried leaves, extracts, and other preparations. As with all psychedelics, the effects of Salvia are largely dependant on the dosage, the person and very often the environment. Salvia is most commonly found in extract form or dried leaf. The dose is determined by the type and strength of Salvia that you are choosing and also by the method that you are using to take the substance.

Salvia is legal in many countries but it is a controlled drug in many of the U.S.A. States. Salvia is not legal in many western countries including Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Italy, South Korea, and Sweden. Before embarking on an experience you should determine the law of the country which you are in.

There are few reported negative of worrying side effect following consumption of Salvia and after the peak effects normal awareness is soon apparent. About half of users report a pleasing ‘afterglow’, or pleasant state of mind following the main effects. Most users report no hangover or negative after-effects the next day, probably due to the apparent low toxicity of Salvia. Medical experts as well as accident and emergency rooms have not been reporting cases that suggest particular salvia-related health concerns.

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