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Enjoying the finer things in life often means paying for it the next day and, just like booze, many legal highs can leave you feeling a bit groggy the next day. When it's time to pay the piper why not fight back with science and employ some of the recovery remedies we'll be reviewing soon?

If drugs are misused, that is the taking of non prescribed drugs in large quantities, more than the prescribed dose in the case of a prescribed drug, or using some illegal drugs, all can result in your body becoming tolerant to the drug and being psychologically dependant on the drug. Often more and more of the drug is required for this to have the desired effect.

Signs that you are becoming drug dependant can be continually increasing your dose to achieve the same effect, feeling afraid to stop taking the drug and experiencing withdrawal symptoms if you do stop taking it. Friends and family might see a sudden change in mood or outlook, there could be a noticeable decline in attendance at work or school, possibly borrowing or stealing money from family, friends or colleagues.

To recover, if you have a drug problem, you should first and foremost admit that you have a problem; this is the most important first step. You should consult your G.P. and get support from a group or drugs counsellor, where you will get treatment and vital support during your recovery programme. During your recovery programme you can experience dramatic mood changes, ranging from irritability and anger to guilt, depression and anxiety. You may also have problems with sleep and sexual function. Vey importantly anyone who has recovered from a drug misuse or addiction will tell you that you should always take one day at a time. Remember to reach out for help when you feel your commitment to stay off drugs is waning.

Thousands have had success in recovering from a drug problem and your success will depend on you and your personal characteristics. It is important that the sooner that you admit and recognise that you have a drug problem, then the better your chances will be of a complete recovery. Key factors are your family and friends and you should find information you need to enhance your understanding of drugs and their effects.

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