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Drug Testing

Drug Testing

A drug test by law enforcement officers is one thing, but an increasing number of employers are imposing drug testing with no moral or legal basis. We hope our members will share facts on what works when it comes to keeping the surveillance society at bay.

Let's get one thing straight: if you're tearing up the highway drunk or stoned out of your mind we fully support the idea of you being drug tested, and thankfully there's nothing on the market likely to fool the equipment available to professional law enforcement in that situation.

On the other hand, if you're working a job without a big possibility to impact on the well being of others, we don't think your employer has an automatic right to know how you've been spending your weekends.

This question of liberty might not be so important if corporations were only scanning for illegal drugs, but there have been cases of tests for substances which are quite legal in a particular jurisdiction. Who knows how this information might effect people's chances for advancement in an organisation, even if there's no black mark, legally speaking.

We'll try and dispell some of the myths and help you defend your rights with reviews of testing products in the coming months.