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Cannabis seeds and strains

Cannabis seeds and strains

If Cannabis is legal in your area you might want to know what to grow, or what to buy. Our members from weed-friendly states are here to help each other identify the best varieties.

Although still illegal in most countries some progressive states have slackened controls on Cannabis use in recent years, and if you want a legal smoke your destinations are now a little more varied than just The Netherlands.

Western Australia is one liberal enclave in this respect, as are the low countries:growing & smoking limited amounts for personal use is decriminalized in Belgium as well as Holland. Mexico flirted with a more liberal drug policy before pressure from the USAput paid to the programme, and even some US states are thumbing their noses at anti-legalization lobbyists, California most notable among them.

If you live in these or one of the other areas where growing and enjoying marijuana isn't neccessarily a criminal enterprise we look forward to reading your comments and reviews in this section.

Creative Commons License Image courtesy of dgans