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Books and Magazines

Books and Magazines

The internet might be crammed with information but sometimes nothing compares to curling up with a good book. In this section we review books and mags related to the worlds of legal highs.

When dealing with a subject as controversial and far reaching as the use of mind altering substances, the number and variety of books is in itself “mind blowing” there are hundreds ranging from the scientific to the general informative, and naturally fiction too.

Books on the subject are categorised and it would seem sensible to talk about the cannabis plant itself. In this category you will find books relating to health of the mind and body, mind sciences, philosophy, spirituality and religion, and general. There are writings on law and policy, chemistry as well as cultivation of the cannabis plant. Books are available relating to historical and cultural use, medical and therapeutic uses, aphrodisiacs, and pharmaceuticals.

Books on the whole of the subject relating to mind altering drugs are available in standard and paper back forms, videos, DVD’s, and periodicals, the subject is far reaching and as you might expect, reviewing all of them is a task that cannot be undertaken here.

Books on the growing and cultivation of cannabis is numerous and it is worth reminding would be buyers that, depending on which country you are living in, the law may prohibit the growth of the plant.

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