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Roor Bongs

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Roor are widely acknowledged as one of the finest brands in the bong world. Roor bongs show an artisan-like attention to quality and detail, along with a solid sense of both aesthetics and engineering. Roor glassware isn't cheap, however: it's a premium product at a premium price.

Roor BongsRoor Bongs

Martin Birzle is a man who takes glassblowing seriously, and as the creative force behind Roor Bongs that comes through in every aspect of the company's line up.

Even Roor's entry level models are beautifully designed and supremely functional glassware, and though the expression "works of art" might get thrown around too much in smoking circles we feel some of Roor's custom bongs genuinly fit that description.

Unfortunately quality comes at a price, and the cheapest Roor bongs will set you back the cost of a good night out (or in)! If cared for properly and cleaned regularly they're long lasting and harder wearing than acrylics bongs though, making it a worthwhile investment for the regular bong smoker.

At the top end of Roor's range you'll find many marvellous designs, and while these might come with a hefty price tag the product is something you're proud to leave on the sideboard.

Our verdict: invest in a Roor, treat it right, and you'll get many years of bong smoking pleasure from your purchase. One of the basic models will do though, unless you have money to burn or you're a huge glassware fan.


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