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Toke XXX 0.5g

Looking to sample our very own Toke XXX blend? Then this is perfect for you, now in stock!

Finally an exotic herbal smoking blend that really works! "a little goes a long way" Legithit has been searching for all natural herbal smoking blends that REALLY work since we have been in business and we now feel we can offer just that with our own Toke Smoking Blend!

Our Toke XXX Smoking Blend is all natural, made from high quality extracted resins and essential oils that are blended together to produce a herbal smoking blend with synergy effects, NO nicotine and completely legal to possess!!  Very pleasant smell, great taste (not harsh) and we believe you will be surprised by the long lasting effects from this herbal smoking blend.

Virtually all of our customers who have ordered this have been so impressed that they returned with repeat orders!!!

Warning: this product is extremely potent and should be used with caution.
It is not a herbal cigarette but an all out alternative with very strong effects, we suggest taking a few draws to start and leave approx 20 mins between 'Tokes', do not underestimate the power of this smoking mix.

3g per pack