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Ice Bud Super Smoking Mix 5g

ICE BUD is one of the world's strongest smoking mixes. On a gram for gram basis the effect is similar to "spice gold"

ICE-BUD will create an immense feeling of deep relaxation while leaving you light headed with a giggly, happy and stoned effect.

ICE BUD is ideally smoked pure. It can be rolled as a cigarette, but for best results: Follow the mixing instructions  and smoke in a pipe or a bong or roll up.

Many users have reported an intensively relaxing and euphoric effect if a small amount of ICE BUD is brewed as a tea and consumed 20 minutes before smoking an ICE BUD joint or a bong hit. This combination will knock the hell out of any other legal high smoking mix in the world.

ICE BUD must be tried to be believed it's one of the only genuine "legal high" that actually gets you high in the world, there are other products that have similar relaxing effect but without the natural euphoric quality.

Hold 2-4 inhalations for a minimum of 10 - 15 seconds to produce a potent relaxing and psychoactive effect.

PLEASE NOTE: ICE BUD®is extremely potent.

Start by using a small amount to assess tolerance. Can be combined with other smoking herbs but beware of its ability to dramatically enhance the effect of WILD OPIUM AND SHAMANTRANCE and other well known medicinal herbs sold at legithit.com