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Ecstacy: Dance, Trance & Transformation

Ecstasy- Dance, Trance & Transformation is the most comprehensive source of information about ecstasy and the dance culture. This book looks at ecstasy in the US - laws, music, and users - and the global scene. A valuable book for anyone who uses E or has ever thought of taking it. It deals with the following questions:
What is ecstasy?
Is E an aphrodisiac? Is it addictive?
Does E harm your brain cells? How dangerous is it? How can it be used more safely?
Does E lead to other drug use?
How can you tell what is in a pill?
Why is ecstasy the drug of the 90´s? How does it affect users´ lives?
Does herbal ecstasy work and is it safe?
Are drug-induced mystical experiences valid?