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Get high, have fun, don’t die...and stay legal!

Happy people having fun times with Legal Highs

LegitHit.com was built to make sure you stay informed, stay safe and stay within the law. Tens of millions of people enjoy recreational drugs regularly, but negative stereotypes of drug users sometimes makes it difficult to share info with like-minded people. We’re here to fill that gap.

Our mission

LegitHit.com is a place to share information, experiences and advice about Legal Highs. We’re here, first and foremost, to help the tens of millions of people who enjoy recreational drugs, and we do this by providing impartial, well researched (and tested!) information on legal highs across a number of categories.

We believe in the wisdom of crowds, so the site also acts as a place for all-comers to post experiences, advice and reviews, good or bad. Paradoxically the drugs which are legal are often the ones the public knows least about…we hope to change that by building up a library of feedback from people like you.

Finally we hope to share a little information with those who don’t do drugs, and want to find out more. If you’re considering taking something we want to make sure you have the facts, so you know enough not to do anything that doesn’t right for you. And if you’re researching an article for a national media outlet we hope to give you a bit of info so we don’t see the same old FUD trotted out once again!

The small print

Well, not so small because this bit is important.

Our primary concern is that you enjoy yourself safely and legally, but we’re not doctors or lawyers. We also serve an international audience, and it’s by no means certain anything featured on this site is legal in your particular juristiction at any given time. Laws change…if you’re in any doubt about the legality of a substance look it up on your local government or police website. Failing that ask a Policeman!

Safety-wise we try and help you make informed decisions, but we’re not medical professionals and we don’t know your personal circumstances. Before taking any drug you should read the vendor’s instructions, research what health authorities have to say on the matter, and ask your doctor if you have any doubts.